Tools for Exploration

The X-ray facility at the Institute maintains one of the newest Bruker-AXS platform single-crystal diffractometer, the X8 Prospector Ultra with Iμs. The X8 Prospector features the user-friendly high intensity microfocus X-ray source, a 30 W sealed tube with high brilliance and high performance focusing Quazar multilayer optics. The Iμs with Quazar optics delivers a 2D focused beam with unprecedented flux of more than 3x108 cps (Cu Kα). The excellent beam stability guarantees high data quality allowing absolute structure determination on very small samples with no atoms heavier than oxygen. The Iμs is combined with the three-axis SMART goniometer and the APEX II CCD area detector mounted on a D8 platform for a high performance system. The single crystal instrument is equipped with the Oxford Cryostream low temperature device. An Oxford Cryostream cooler allows us to investigate samples in a temperature range between 80 and 300 K.  Data is routinely collected at 100 K and are analyzed using the APEX2 software.