Discovery and Its Applications

I²NM² is engaged in multifaceted research projects involving the creation of novel materials, devices and agents enhanced by nanotechnology with applications in medicine, related materials science and beyond. Some of the current research include: a) discrete target-specific molecular (monodisperse) nanoparticles which carry multiple copies of, or a combination of, diagnostic and therapeutic agents, b) first demonstration of the proof-of-principle for boron neutron capture therapy of cancer, arthritis and radiation mediated surgery (BNCT), c) development of nano-sized molecular motors with biomedical applications, d) the development of catabolism-resistant pharmaceuticals based on carborane surrogate chemistry, e) the design, synthesis and characterization of new, high-energy materials for energy storage in units ranging from nano dimensional to macroscale, f) the development of advanced hydrogen storage systems based upon nanotechnology and hydride chemistry.